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Vitek 2

Vitek 2


VITEK® 2 technology represents a smarter way to automate ID/AST testing. It provides rapid, automatic, standardized validation of every test result with next generation expert software, the ADVANCED EXPERT SYSTEM™. The VITEK 2 ADVANCED EXPERT SYSTEM software is like having an expert advisor standing by your side. It applies a colored indicator to each isolate that shows the level of confidence in the susceptibility results.


• Immediate automatic validation and transfer of high confidence results to the LIS (auto-posting) with the ADVANCED
  EXPERT SYSTEM™ software for faster targeted therapy
• Easy-to-use layout
• Quick access to ID and AST results using the navigation tree and filters
• Rapid result searches by patient, bench, date tested, organism, technician, accession number, etc.
• The barcoding system improves traceability by linking patient isolates and test cards.
• VITEK 2 allows patient demographics to be linked to microbiology results.
• Simultaneous multi-user access to VITEK 2 systems lets microbiologists finalize results from individual workstations.

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