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Mindray Analyzer BC-6800

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Mindray Analyzer BC-6800


DIFF scattergram of BC-6800 differentiates WBCs into 4 parts and also provides valuable parameters like 
HFC*, IMG* InR* and Abnormal Flags such as Left shift,NRBC, PLT Clump, Atypical Lymphocyte. 
IMG(#, %) provide information about the presence of immature granulocytes, if any, including 
promyelocytes, myelocytes, metamyelocytes,immature eosinophils and immature basophils.
BC-6800 extends WBC diff to 6-part, on every sample,by including immature granulocyte.
HFC*(#, %) parameters alert the user of the presence of high fluorescent cell population, if any, such as blasts and atypical lymphocytes.
Basophils are counted in a dedicated channel that detects information about cell volume and cellular complexity. This provides more accurate and reliable basophil results.


• 36 reportable parameters (whole blood)
• 18 research parameters (whole blood)
• 7 reportable parameters (body fluid)
• 7 research parameters (body fluid)
• Up to 125 samples per hour (CBC+DIFF)
• Up to 90 samples per hour (CBC+DIFF+RET)
• Up to 40 samples per hour (body fluid)
• Various printout formats and user-defined formats available
• 2 histograms for RBC and PLT
• 3 scattergrams (3D) for DIFF, NRBC and RET
• 6 scattergrams (2D) for DIFF, BASO, NRBC, RET, RET-EXT, PLT-O


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