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Siemens - RAPIDLab 1200 Blood Gas Analyzer

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Siemens - RAPIDLab 1200 Blood Gas Analyzer


The RAPIDLab® 1200 system from Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics is a blood gas analyzer that can enhance testing efficiency both in the clinical laboratory and at the point of care. Delivering results for all parameters in just 60 seconds, the RAPIDLab 1200 Analyzer’s speed and accuracy allow clinical staff to make critical decisions quickly, so treatment decisions can be made instantly and patients can get back to their lives faster.


• High Efficiency for High-Volume Testing
• Streamlined Workflow Through Enhanced Connectivity
• Comprehensive Test Menu
• Ready Sensor® Technology
• Cost-Effective, Cartridge-Based System
• Intuitive Touch Screen User Interface
• Biosafe, Automatic Sampling System
• Automatic Quality Control
• RAPIDComm Data Management and Connectivity System

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