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Hub & Spoke


The government of Madhya Pradesh in its mission to provide quality diagnostic services equitably to its population in urban and rural areas, came up with an innovative and efficient model of Hub & Spoke. Under the model, 324 CHCs and equivalent centres were designated to function as ‘Hub Labs’ and have been fitted with a hi-tech, self-sufficient labs and close to 1600 PHCs were designated to function as ‘Spoke Centres’ or sample collection points. This unique model enabled the government to make diagnostic services accessible to all citizens within an average distance of 10 kms from their homes. Thus, diagnostics, which form the bedrock of patient treatment and disease diagnoses has been made within reach of all sections of the society.

To operate the project NHM, MP floated a tender and after the due process awarded the mandate to a private company – Science House Medicals Pvt. Ltd., which functions as the service provider for integrated laboratory network.