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Sysmex - XN-L Series

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Sysmex - XN-L Series


XN-L Series is the latest compact fully-automated 6-part differential haematology analyser from Sysmex.
It is designed to meet today’s laboratory needs by providing enhanced clinical values that only high-end models were previously able to provide; delivering improved operational efficiency in the laboratories.
XN-L Series is available in four models with different aspiration modes.


• Multi-coloured touch screen display embedded with intuitive graphical user interface 
  to support your routine tasks.
• A reagent management system that calculates remaining tests and expiry dates to allow 
  more efficient tracking of reagent usage.
• Compact design with an in-built IPU that fits easily to any laboratory bench or table 
  with a smaller footprint.
• Sampler comes with two drawers to allow continuous loading of samples 

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