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Advia Centaur CP - Immunoassay System

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Advia Centaur CP - Immunoassay System


The ADVIA Centaur CP is the high-throughput benchtop immunoassay system that empowers you to overcome the challenges you face today and tomorrow. By delivering a broader menu, shorter TATs, and enhanced consolidation, you can do more with fewer resources—without compromising efficiency or productivity.


• STAT port guarantees priority sampling at any time 
• Delivers shorter TATs on both routine and STAT tests 
• Routine test results available in 15 minutes, on average; for example, B12/folate 
• High throughput, up to 180 tests per hour, and two to three hours walkaway capacity 
  enable you to keep pace with peak workload times
• Disposable tips eliminate carryover, critical for infectious disease testing 
• 15 onboard reagents maximize test capacity

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