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BioSystems - BA400 Analyzer

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BioSystems - BA400 Analyzer


BioSystems BA400 is a clinical chemistry and turbidimetry analyzer designed to offer the best performance to laboratories looking towards achieving highest efficiency with optimal operative cost.In combination with BioSystems original reagents and worldwide technical support coverage,the BA400 system defines the new generation of clinical analyzers.



• 88 refrigerated positions with internal barcode reader.
• 135 positions for samples, controls and standards suitable for primary or paediatric tubes, 90 of them 
  with barcode reading.
• High capacity washing solution and waste containers, able to operate up to 8 hours of continuous 
  working without refilling/voiding.
• Automated water inlet and waste outlet with internal reservoirs,easy to adapt to any lab facilities.
• Low water consumption (less than 14 l/hour) with thermostated fluid washing station system to 
  keep rotor temperature stable.
• Optical system with Biosystems’ patented LED technology, with virtually no maintenance.
• Distributed electronics through CAN (Controller Area Network) bus system to increase robustness, simplify 
  maintenance and reduce down times.

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