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Hematology Analyzer XP-Series (XP-100, XP-300)

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Hematology Analyzer XP-Series (XP-100, XP-300)


The XP-series is a compact automated hematology analyzer consisting of two models XP-100 and XP-300. The XP-series performs reliable analysis of 20 parameters (both in WB mode and PD mode) and displays analysis result with 3 histograms on a colour LCD screen.


• Fully–automated analyzer analyzing 20 parameters in both WB and PD mode
• Accurate detection technology inherent in Sysmex XP-series. The sample rotor valve measures 
  the required volume of sample precisely to provide accurate and reliable WBC, RBC and PLT count
• Superior MCV and MCH due to direct HCT measurement
• Better patient management
• Excellent flagging system for reliable reporting
• Friendly to use due to Big Colour Touch Screen with intuitive graphic icons
• Data from 20 parameters plus 3 histograms for RBC, PLT and WBC are presented via LCD graphic 
  display and can be printed out from built-in thermal printer
• On-board storage capacity for up to 40,000 data parameters including histograms (XP-300 only)
• Daily maintenance by a single shut down procedure

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