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Siemens - Rapid Point 500 Blood Gas Analyzers

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Siemens - Rapid Point 500 Blood Gas Analyzers


Siemens RAPIDPoint 500 Blood Gas Analyzers deliver accurate, laboratory-quality test results for a comprehensive menu of critical care parameters in approximately 60 seconds: pH and blood gases, electrolytes, glucose, lactate, plus fully integrated CO-oximetry, including neonatal Bilirubin (nBili) and Total Hemoglobin (tHb), all from a single, whole blood sample. The system also supports pH testing of pleural fluid samples.


• Heparinized whole blood, syringe and capillary, pleural fluid,* dialysate*
• Syringe: 200 μL Whole blood, pleural fluid, dialysate
• 1-point calibration every 30 minutes; 2-point calibration every 2 hours
• Full calibration every 8 hours
• Automatic Quality Control (AQC) cartridge—3 levels of independent quality control
  solutions; customizable QC schedule; ampule QC
• 1D Bar code Symbologies: Code 128, Codabar, Code 39, Character/Digit,
• Universal Serial Bus (USB): 3 Ports; RS232 port; 10BaseT Ethernet; Bar code scanner

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