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Advia Centaur - XP Immunoassay System

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Advia Centaur - XP Immunoassay System


ADVIA Centaur® XP system is the next move in productivity for your lab. It is the integration of intelligence and technology, combining intuitive design and operation with advanced capabilities and efficiency. So your lab can attain higher productivity in immunodiagnostic testing.


• High throughput, up to 240 tests per hour, to keep pace with peak workload times
• High-resolution touch screen for easy interaction
• Expanded ancillary reagent and fluid capacity
• Data archive feature reduces time for administrative tasks
• Universal sample rack design eliminates manual tasks
• Comprehensive diagnostic testing covers screening, diagnosis, risk assessment, and monitoring
• 30 onboard reagents maximize test capacity
• Supports Siemens Remote Services™ and syngo™ e-business suite of services
• 360º status light displays system information visible from all points


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